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Poonthamil Silk Sarees :

Poonthamil are a type of Banaras art silk with a raised pattern and a grand border on both sides. They come in various vibrant colors and designs.

Emboss sarees are sarees that have raised patterns on the fabric, usually made by pressing or stitching. They can be made of different materials, such as silk, cotton, or art silk. Emboss sarees can have floral, geometric, or other designs on them.

Poonthamil are a type of sarees that are known for their quality fabric and signature style of jari and weaves. They are available in cotton and silk and suit pretty well for casual, festive, or office wear.

Elampillai offer a variety of Poonthamil sarees with different colors, designs and fabrics. We also provide best wholesale rate.
Poonthamil is a specific product from Elampillai that features an embossed silk fabric with zari weaving. It is suitable for gift purposes and has a normal wash care.

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